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Assertiveness and Body Language

Have you noticed one of the most common themes in coaching, business and our personal lives are the want to be more “assertive”. One of the key drivers to assertiveness is building self-confidence. Did you know that hormones can change confidence? Just by adjusting nonverbal cues i.e. body language we can increase testosterone and decrease cortisol. Studies have proven that A-Type players, confident people and high power alpha’s have more testosterone and less cortisol.

If we look at these types there body language is one that is open. They are expanded. Hands in the air, arms unfolded. Feet apart.

We need to open up and expand. If we feel powerful we open up. Look at winners as they complete ultra-marathons they put their arms in the air. When we feel powerless we close up. Arms folded, legs together, hunched over.

How then can we be more confident? Studies have shown power poses work. In these studies participants who struck power poses just before beginning a mock interview received better reviews. People are also more likely to take risks after power poses. Power poses increase testosterone and decrease cortisol.

Can you fake it till you make it? Do our non verbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves? Most definitely. The body and role change can change your mind about how you think about yourself.

Try out different power poses for yourself. What makes you feel powerful! And then as “Carney Cuddy” says it Fake it till you Become It!

Contact Executive Coach Michelle Cronje today to go through tools and tips for confidence coaching.

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