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Executive Coaching

(C-Suite) for Leaders and Teams (C-Suite)

Leaders function from a position of strength, understanding,  professionalism and with high integrity. They perpetually demonstrate high emotional intelligence and adjust to changing situations. Leaders shape their desired culture while managing conflict efficiently and running their teams in a motivating way. They achieve their milestones/goals all the while balancing their priorities. With the ability to influence, negotiate and ability to manage stress they ensure their purpose is clear, strategies, goals and values are aligned and employees are committed. Together we will journey with you on your leadership journey.

With targeted Executive Coaching...

  • You'll will identify specific leadership behaviors to adjust and develop to

  • You'll learn to communicate and work more effectively as a leader, and as a team

  • You'll resolve real team and firm wide issues more effectively

  • You'll increase decision making skills

  • You'll become more confident and realise you do not have to know all the answers

  • And so much more...

Leadership Development Coaching

We work with you to create a
leadership development program
to strengthen your future potential leadership pipeline.

Through coaching and assessments we will help you each step of the way to enhance specific leadership skills, speed up the pace of change, and develop firm leadership capabilities and competencies.

Life Coaching and Career Coaching

Life Coaching will help you with the challenges that impact you as a person purposely concentrating on areas of purpose, meaning and legacy.


Appreciating what your values, needs and 

wants are allow us to  assist you to craft a life plan with milestones and actions to accomplish them. We will equip you with proven tools to manage your life and / career the way you want to (from confidence boosting, time management, mindset changes, wheel of balance, wheel of life, habits and change, etc). Thereby enabling you with confidence to achieve what you have always dreamed of and to find your purpose.

Team Coaching

Full team member engagement happens when each member feels that what they are doing adds value. They are recognized for their contribution. They trust that transparency and open communication will not result in harm to their objectives or future prospects


Through our coaching methodology we will assist your team in setting direction, creating alignment throughout the business to create broader opportunities and to build commitment to accomplish greater firm objectives all the while offering personalised coordination, collaboration, and creative thinking that is needed to address complex issues.

You will move toward a tangible collective dynamic team that can outperform their competitor and position the firm / business from a competitive advantage.

New Business Coaching Entrepreneur Coaching

New Business / Entrepreneur Coaching will assist you in creating a step-by-step strategy to generate clients and money. 


Michelle's MBA Elective was Entrepreneurship. Through her skills in business and her MBA she will deliver coaching that focuses on brand management, positioning yourself from a competitive advantage, price points, marketing/sales and business admin.  Entrepreneur coaching is directed toward startups, small business owners, executives transitioning out of corporate life to launch their dreams and for those who have had no choice but had to recraft  their work life due to redundancies etc.

Michelle's highly personable coaching experience catapulted

me into achieving my goals

Could  not have moved forward had I not invested in myself

and completed the 12 sessions with Michelle

Thank you thank you thank you, Michelle .

My life is transformed.

What my clients had to say .......

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